Day 2 – 100 Days of Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for Snapchat. Because Snapchat.

The person I’m most grateful for today is my mother, whom I speak to every morning before work and every evening on my way home from the office. I love you Always and Forever mama!

Three People who touched me today are:

  • John Acker
  • William Donley
  • Kevin Satterfield

One thing I did for someone else to brighten their day was share a conversation of extreme gratitude with my mother.

The one thing I feel most blessed to have in my life today is my friendship with Jamie. Today marks the 1-week anniversary of our first meeting.

Five other things I’m grateful for today:

  • My varied career background.
  • The unconditional love my family showers over me.
  • My thirst for knowledge and how to apply it.
  • All the women, men, and animals of the United States Armed Services.
  • My past participation in Landmark Education courses, seminars, and leadership development programs.

*** Inspiration for today’s post format comes from Jess Carlson ***

Day 1 – 100 Days of Gratitude

I’m thankful that my mother taught me to love, care for and respect women.

I’m grateful for my father, who has and continues to teach me what it is to be a powerful son, brother, husband and father.

I’m thankful for the pain, struggles, temptations and failures I’ve met in life, the ones I currently face, and those that are yet to come.

I’m grateful I was born an Austinite, a Texan and an American.

I’m thankful for the endless opportunities the universe provides.

I’m grateful to have been granted the opportunity to serve the citizens of our great country as a member of the armed services.

I’m thankful for the relationship I have with nature and the animal kingdom, both wild and domestic.

I’m grateful for the perspective I have on the world around me as a very tall man.

I’m thankful to have a challenging but equally rewarding job in my chosen field of cybersecurity.

I’m grateful to have met Jamie. A most incredible woman who makes me smile more and more with each passing day.



Just Ship It

Sitting Vacant for Weeks on end. Months even…Now. Will it every be the perfect time to begin?

The sheer weight of our raucous headspace. It leans me over, Threatening to topple me feet over head.

An even match for this propelling force, welling up from within my deep; a well filled…ready to spring forth.

Execute. Fail. Evaluate. And Fail. There is no Immediate Wall. Education abounds, Rethink and plan once more.

Out with the old in with the new. From cobwebs to cohesion my thoughts begin to form. Another Failure pushed aside and pressed beyond.

A new hypothesis begins to condensate. Giving up my reasons & Pressing Complete!